Virgin River season 5 release: Alexandra Breckenridge reveals heartbreaking ‘push’ update


Virgin River Season 1 premiered to global audiences on Netflix in December 2019 and since then has never failed to keep audiences entertained.

Breckenridge’s recent Instagram post revealed how audiences may have to wait for the release of Virgin Reason Season 5 indefinitely.

Its latest ‘Pushed’ update is an extremely disheartening update for fans eagerly awaiting Season 5.

Virgin River season 2 was released in 2021 following the third season in July 2021,

Over the course of the three seasons, Virgin River rewarded its viewers with romantic and delicate sequences, making audiences fall in love even more.

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With popularity growing among the crowd, the Virgin River team have scheduled the release of Season 4 once again in less than a year.

The conclusion of the third season in 2021 has left viewers looking forward to the next one and thanks to Netflix now Virgin River is ready with not one but two more seasons.

The enthusiastic duo Martin Henderson (Jack) and Alexandra Breckenridge (Mel) have already packed their bags. Jack and Mel have also said that filming for Season 4 is complete before the end of the year, promising that Season 4 will be released to the public before the end of 2022.

The recent update on Season 5, however, turned out to be disappointing news for fans. Breckenridge revealed the news during an Instagram Live that the release of Season 5 has been delayed for an undisclosed period.

Virgin river season 5

This is not only going to make fans sad, but also break the trend of the first season 5 releases.

On her social media cooking show, Breckenridge was asked by fans about the outing when she was heard saying “Season five, we were supposed to start in March, ”“ But we got pushed so… I don’t know. i don’t know man”.

She even went on and said, “I hope we start maybe this summer. It would be nice to shoot in Vancouver in the summer rather than the winter”.

The filming and filming in freezing conditions really troubled her and she expressed “To be completely frank with you guys, I almost finished filming in Vancouver in the winter.

It was quite surprising for fans to hear Breckenridge say “Not really interested in doing that ever in fact, it’s really cold ”.

“And when you’re outside in sandals and little outfits because it’s supposed to be midsummer, it’s not good.”

The news of the Season 5 delay is uncomfortable news for most fans as they are already used to enjoying the back-to-back release trend of the past 3-4 seasons.

Fans wasted no time in voicing their thoughts on the future of the series.

The comments section of the specific Instagram Live has been illuminated by fans around the world. In one of @forloveofvirginriver’s comments, a fan asked if Breckenridge is still going to be part of Virgin River Season 5 if the team doesn’t change the filming schedule.

Another fan @ loretta1717 spoke out and made a plea in the comments section “Noooo. You can’t stop. No one else could take your place, it wouldn’t be the same, please don’t stop ”.

The reactions from fans make it clear how disappointed they will be if Breckenridge does not play the character of “Mel” in Season 5.

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@arlenelitton commented: “I hope it won’t be too cold when you start filming again ”.

One of the comments that seemed more positive was from @elizabethhaller where she said

“At least we know we’re getting a season 5!”

For most fans, that’s a beacon of hope and no one wants to wait for an extended period for Virgin River Season 5.


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