Young people donate Nigerian flag and sandals to 10 Nigerian primary schools in Cross River


A young entrepreneur from Cross River State, Mr. Tom Alims from Bekwara Local Government Area, donated a Nigerian flag and school sandals to public primary schools in the state.

Tom Alims, who said he was driven by a passion for community development and social change, said he obtained information about St. Matthias Primary School via social media.

“I got to know St. Matthias Secondary School, Iibor, Bekwara Local Government Area, through a post posted by Agaji Ntamu on Facebook. This was after they visited the school and found out that they did not have a national flag and that they did not have any reasonable infrastructure within the school grounds. I had to rush into school to see what I could do about it, ”Alims said.

When asked to describe the school in his own words, Alims said: “The school is located in the political district of the legislator, Hon Legor Idagbor, member representing Bekwara, the federal constituency of Obudu Obanliku in the House of Representatives.

“The school is in its community, I was motivated by the sad condition of having these young learners reciting the national and state anthems without the flag, so I had to donate the flag.”

The donor said he was just an individual, not an NGO or government agency.

“I cannot say that we are an NGO, whatever I do, I do it as an individual and for the sake of charity.”

Speaking on the state of education in the state, Alims said, “The education system is a system that is not very acceptable. Quite frankly, I would say things are not as good as the government is making it look in the media. I visited a few schools and saw things for myself.

The donor also visited ten other elementary schools in the state, donating sandals and notebooks to the students.

Some of the schools visited included the Community Primary School, Adachi, Gakem, Bekwarra LGA. St. Matthias Primary School, Ijibor, Bekwarra LGA, St. Mary Primary School, Ndok, Ogoja LGA, St. Matthew Primary School, Imaje, Yala LGA; Community primary school, Ukpirinyi, Utugwang, Obudu LGA; Community primary school, Begiatte, Obanliku LGA.

Community primary school, Ketting, LGA of Obanliku; Asu Egbe Primary School, Ikom LGA;

St. Sylvester Primary School, Ububa Iye, Bekwarra LGA. And St. Dominic and Ibiaragidi Iye Primary School, Bekwarra LGA.

Alims called on members of the education system to go ahead and keep doing the right thing because things could get better one day.


Young people donate Nigerian flag and sandals to 10 Nigerian primary schools in Cross River

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